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What’s a Jew to do on X-mas? Supreme Court Justice Kagan famously announced to the world that she ate Chinese food and then went to a movie like every other Jew in a America. This is an over-generalization (although a funny one because of the kernel of truth it contains), but it doesn’t eliminate the quandary. And it’s not just Jews, but everyone one else in America who doesn’t consider themselves Christian.

So you’re Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, an atheist…what do you do on Dec. 25?

1) Go someplace that will be less crowded than usual. This is actually the origin of the Chinese food and movie deal. In SoCal, the beach is a great option–bundle up and take a kite! I also used to love to go to Starbucks early on the morning of X-mas. It was so quiet, that I could really enjoy reading or chatting while I leisurely sipped my vanilla latte.

2) Hang out with friends who have the day off. This year, X-mas is on a Sunday, but when it’s on a weekday, the legal holiday provides an opportunity to hang out with people who usually would be at work (or school). You can go out on an outing, but you can also make it a cozy day at home, with cocoa, boardgames, and the like. Because Dec. 25th is smack in the middle of Chanukah this year, my family is scheduling our family Chanukah party that day–no one has to worry about when they’re getting off work. (Chanukah starts on Tuesday night, Dec. 20th this year. If you’re Jewish and would like to celebrate Chanukah, but don’t know how, visit or for details.)

3) Need to shop? Hungry? Try a Kosher or Halal market or restaurant. Many will be open regular hours. Bonus: the kosher markets I frequent in L.A. have much better produce prices than Ralph’s or Vons (even the weekly specials) and carry great ethnic choices.

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