(photo by Ron Almog on Flickr)

If you’re not Jewish, you can just skip this post. However, if you are, this is the right time of year for an awesome free and fun activity: visiting a sukkah!

Starting Wednesday night, observant Jews worldwide will begin a week of hanging out in one of these booth/hut/shack things:

(photo by Ron Almog on Flickr)

The Torah instructs Jews to dwell in a sukkah for a week during the holiday of Sukkot. While most synagogues have a sukkah, more observant individuals will build one in their backyard each fall in order to fulfill the command. “Dwelling” entails eating, singing, dancing, chatting, studying Torah, sleeping, and hosting guests. That hosting guests part is important, because it means you could find yourself for a gourmet three-course meal under the stars at the sukkah of a friend or neighbor! Some Jewish organizations host singles events or even a sukkah hop (briefly visiting many sukkahs in one area). If you happen to be in Pico-Robertson or Hancock Park, you can just look at all the different kinds of sukkahs people have built (you’ll find dozens visible from the street).

If you are Jewish, but aren’t religious and don’t know anyone who is, contact a Aish HaTorah, Chabad, or Hillel chapter near you, or visit the website of the Jewish Learning Exchange at http://www.jlela.com/.

You can find out more about this and other Jewish practices on the aish.com or chabad.org websites.

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