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One of the comments on this blog came from the blogger at http://niftythriftygoodwill.wordpress.com/ . She gives great hints about how to save money and have a great time while shopping at thrift stores. Being a cheapskate at heart, I got inspired while visiting her site.  I grabbed a girlfriend to shop at a couple local stores last week, and found several outstanding–and very cute–bargains.

Here’s a list of some of local-t0-L.A. thrifts stores, with links and reviews of some I’ve visited:

The Beverly Hills Discovery Shop (which is tied to the American Cancer Society) is a great place for high-quality women’s clothes. The pickings were slim for men’s and children’s clothing (except ties–$2 a pop or $1 each for two!), but I found a perfectly adorable sweater for an outstanding price. The staff is friendly.


It’s A Wrap sells clothing (bought by lot, I think) that has been used in the film industry. The prices are not as cheap as at a true thrift, and the overall quality was surprisingly worse. Children’s selection was skimpy. Probably due to the nature of the movie industry, there were a lot more XS and S sized clothing than anything else. The music was loud and actually obscene. However, careful shoppers can find good items. Be sure to check the brand and whether the garment shows signs of wear-and-tear.


NCJW is a true thrift. There are lots of furniture items, as well as clothes, and there are more men’s clothes usually in stock.


Out of the Closet is a charity that donates shop proceeds to AIDS/HIV causes. Because of the clientele, there are whimsical finds in these stores, and also more LGBT themed books/posters than you’d see elsewhere. I would not visit with children.


Goodwill is the classic thrift store. Goodwill programs provide jobs and job training to many people who live on the fringe. The bargains at their stores are often the best, with a shirt being the same price whether it’s originally from Target or H&M or Barney’s. Stores can be found all over the place. Some stores are larger and better-stocked than others, so you might want to visit Yelp or the like to find out which have the best reviews. (The Goodwill website is also great. It even has current style advice http://www.goodwill.org/get-involved/shop/seven-style-trends-to-follow-this-fall/  and bargain-hunting tips http://www.goodwill.org/get-involved/shop/bargain-hunting-tips/).


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  1. such a great post 🙂 glad you got out there and i hope you inspire others in turn!

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