AAA puts out regional magazines to promote travel as well as AAA’s services. The one local to Southern California is known as Westways. There are three parts of Westways worth peeking at every month:

1) The “Day Trip” department, which highlights a town or neighborhood in SoCal and several sites and restaurants to visit, often affordable;

2) The “5 Worth the Drive,” which suggests five local upcoming events that look particularly promising; and

3) The list of upcoming special events, broken up by Orange Co., L.A. Co., San Diego Co., inland, and Points North.

You’ll get wonderful ideas for L.A.-area play, many of them cheap or even free.

If you do not receive Westways–you live out of area or don’t belong to AAA, never fear! Westways is now available online. Alas, the first two departments listed above always appear in the online editions, but the third does not. It’s still worth checking out. Follow this link to read the webpage:

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